Böcker Introduction to cosmology (second edition)


Introduction to cosmology (second edition), Author: Barbara Ryden,

It explains modern cosmological concepts, such as dark energy, in the context of the Big Bang theory. Its clear, lucid writing style, with a wealth of useful everyday analogies, makes it exceptionally engaging. Emphasis is placed on the links between theoretical concepts of cosmology and the observable properties of the universe, building deeper physical insights in the reader.

The second edition includes recent observational results, fuller descriptions of special and general relativity, expanded discussions of dark energy, and a new chapter on baryonic matter that makes up stars and galaxies. It is an ideal textbook for the era of precision cosmology in the accelerating universe.

Written in an engaging style, using clear explanations and analogies to help students connect cosmology to everyday life

Fits well to introductory cosmology courses, without requiring advanced mathematics or any prior study of astronomy

Includes creative end-of-chapter problems that have been class-tested on students, with an instructor's manual featuring solutions available via


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