Orion Orion Binocular Astronomy Field Guide


Orion Binocular Astronomy Field Guide

Astronomy isn't just for telescopes. Many experienced amateur astronomers enjoy scanning the night sky with a pair of astronomy binoculars, thanks to their wide field-of-view and convenient portability. We'll help you get the most out of your astronomy binoculars with the must-have Orion Binocular Astronomy Observing Guide.

This exclusive, Orion-designed guide is packed with detailed maps, useful tips, and helpful information on how to use binoculars for exciting two-eyed tours of starry skies. The complete, 16-page guide features correct-image maps of the Moon and the Milky Way which match the orientation you will see in a binocular for easy reference. The map of the Moon identifies the most popular lunar targets, and a thorough selection of close-up maps of specific lunar regions highlight interesting features to explore with binoculars.

This gorgeously illustrated guide is designed for year-round use with seasonal star maps for both Northern and Southern hemispheres and helpful constellation maps. Convenient field-of-view images of the most popular deep-space targets make it easy to hunt down elusive objects in the night sky. The Orion Binocular Astronomy Observing Guide also lists Solar and Lunar eclipses, and Lunar and planetary conjunctions that will occur between 2015 and 2020, as well as phases of the Moon through 2020, so you can plan your binocular stargazing sessions ahead of time.

The Orion Binocular Astronomy Field Guide is printed on environmentally friendly synthetic paper that is durable and water-resistant. When fully unfolded, this big bino guide measures 26.8" x 19.3" (68cm x 49cm) and conveniently folds up to 6.7" x 9.6" (17cm x 24.5cm) for easy storage and transport. It's the perfect size to stow in your binocular case!


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