Böcker Venus and Mercury, and How to Observe Them


Venus and Mercury, and How to Observe Them, Authors: Grego, Peter

Recent advances in commercially-made instruments have, however, brought them within range of only moderately experienced observers, and certainly Mercury and Venus are by no means inferior in terms of visual delights, observing challenges...and mystery.

Venus and Mercury and How to Observe Them offers a wealth of detailed practical information on every aspect of observing, from safely targeting the two planets, through visual observing, to sketching and electronic imaging.

This is of course much more than a book about observing.

We now know a lot more of the origin and evolution of Mercury and Venus, and Peter Grego describes the most recent theories of their probable formation, geology, and history. Not only does this include a lot about the surface of the planets, but also their internal structure, magnetic fields, and atmospheres.

Peter Grego

2008, XIV, 266 p. 80 illus., 30 in color.


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