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Böcker Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto and How to Observe Them


Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto and How to Observe Them, Authors: Schmude, Jr., Richard

In this clear and succinct overview of the current research on these remote Solar System objects, Richard Schmude, Jr., tells us what facts we do know about these faraway entities, what we are seeking to know, and also how to observe them for yourself, using commercially available telescopes. He also explains why Pluto was re-classified and what it means, exactly, to be a dwarf planet.

Intrigued by these objects since boyhood, Schmude has compiled a loving tribute to them, if not making them warm and fuzzy, at least making them seem less remote and bringing them into our current frame of reference, giving them personality and revealing their worth in our understanding of the structure and nature of the Solar System in which we live.

Richard Schmude

2008, XII, 232 p. 9 illus. in color.


  • Engelska

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