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Böcker Astronomical Cybersketching


Astronomical Cybersketching, Authors: Grego, Peter

What is cybersketching? It is using a small computer, such as a laptop or a PDA, to make a sketch of what you see through your telescope or even with your naked eye. Particularly good subjects are the Moon and the brighter planets, but even deep space has much to offer a cybersketcher.
Why cybersketch? Sketching what you see is a fantastic way not only to record what you see but to share it with others. Before imaging, sketching was the only way people had of sharing their discoveries. With all the fancy new imaging devices around, sketching has become something of a lost art. But it shouldnt be! Not only is it an inexpensive and quick way to record and share what you see. It also helps you to hone your observational skills. Using a computer gives you a variety of exciting and fun tools to use and ways to make your sketches almost professional, so you can show them off and display them.
In this book, Peter Grego outlines the evolution of cybersketching, with a brief review of the history of computers, hardware and software, and how to use the tools that are now available to astronomy buffs.


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