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Böcker Make time for the stars


Make Time for the Stars by Antony Cooke

Perhaps you have a telescope from years ago, which you used a few times, then put it away in a closet, where it has been gathering dust ever since. Could you still use that telescope, or do you have to buy a new one? And what about all the gadgets on the market now? Which ones do you really need? About how much will it all cost you, and what should you look for when you finally have a night out to look?
Antony Cooke will give you those answers, and outline a program for star (and Solar System) gazing that you will be able to fit into your busy life. He tells why it is imperative to get yourself the right equipment from the start (without breaking the bank!) and why he thinks it is important to focus on live viewing rather than fancy gadgetry and imaging techniques. Full of sound advice and lots of encouragement, you will come away from this book prepared to take up your old hobby with new vigor and finally get the pleasure you knew was possible from studying our neighbors in space.


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