Böcker Solar System Maps


Solar System Maps - From Antiquity to the Space Age, Author: Nick Kanas

This book tells the exciting story of how we have conceptualized and mapped our Solar System from antiquity to modern times. In addition to the complete text, this story is made more vivid by:

  • 162 Solar System and planetary maps, diagrams, and images (over a third in color).
  • direct quotes and figures from antiquarian, contemporary, and Space Age documents and photographs that allow the reader to track how humans have viewed the Solar System from original sources.
  • Nine tables that compare the various world views, relative planetary positions, and components of the Solar System with each other.
  • Broad in scope and rich in imagery, this book will draw the reader into the story of our Solar System and how it has been mapped since the beginning of recorded time.


  • Engelska

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