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Böcker Light Pollution


Light Pollution, Authors: Mizon, Bob

This new edition presents the many developments in the field over the past few years, including anti-light pollution legislation in various countries and new departures in lighting design.

  • Discusses the ways artificial light has impacted modern life and suggests the latest proposed solutions, especially inexpensive and practical solutions.
  • Explains the various issues and problems of wasted artificial light.

Light pollution is a major threat to astronomy across the entire developed world. The night sky that most of us can see bears little relationship to the spectacular vistas that our ancestors have gazed at for tens of thousands of years. It is ironic that as our understanding of the universe has improved, our ability to see it has been dramatically reduced by the skyglow of our civilization.
In the second edition of Light Pollution - Responses and Remedies, Bob Mizon delves into the history and practice of lighting and how its misue has not only stolen the stars, but blighted our lives and those of our fellow-creatures on this planet. This book suggests how we can win back the night sky and at the same time save energy and money, improve our health, and even lower crime rate! It also includes a list of targets for urban stargazers, and recommendations for ensuring sane lighting worldwide.


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