Böcker Orrery, by Tony Buick


Orrery - A story of Mechanical Solar Systems, Clocks and English Nobility, Author: Tony Buick

Orreries are found everywhere. They appear in paintings, on the side of royal clocks, in stately home hallways, and of course, in museums all over the world. Scientific instruments to demonstrate the movements of the planets and predict their positions using measuring devices, they were devised largely by clockmakers, but many others played a role too and are given due credit.

The story of the Boyles is not just relevant to a tiny corner of Ireland, but spans history. Orrery highlights the process of discovery and humankinds universal fascination with the heavens, providing a fascinating example of the relationship between innovative thinking (invention) and precision engineering (execution). It will appeal to anyone interested in popular astronomy, astronomical mechanical devices, scientific instruments, the history of clocks - and even the history of aristocratic and prestigious families!


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