Böcker Pattern Asterisms


Pattern Asterisms, Authors: Chiravalle, John

What applies to big groups of stars can also be applied to smaller ones, and this book provides a set of memorable mini-constellations to help in identifying and remembering stars in the binocular or low magnification telescopic field.

Suitable for observers using binoculars and medium size telescopes, this catalog includes star pictures, dot-to-dot outlines of the objects ( on a negative photograph for clarity ), and an artistic image next to the star patterns. Size, stellar magnitudes, and coordinates are provided, along with north direction, star-hopping instructions & Sky Atlas 2000 references.

There are sixty-seven "pattern asterisms" in this catalog. Most are easy to see in sixty millimetre binoculars, and few are what observers describe as "challenging".

The imaginative observer will surely begin to develop a new insight into star patterns, and will start seeing patterns of his own, under this catalog's influence!


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