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Orion Moon map månkarta - språk: Engelska

  • Karten visar över 260 detaljer på månen, bland annat kratrar, dalar, lavaområden, bergskedjor och alla lyckade månlandningar av USA och Sovjet.
  • Vattenresistent och smutsresistent.
  • Storlek 64x28 cm öppnad eller 31,6x28 cm vikt ihop.
  • Kartan visar månen både i korrekt orientering och spegelvänd så att kartan passar till alla typer av teleskop eller kikare.

The bright face of our planet's Moon has been inspiring astronomers for centuries. Since the Moon is much closer to Earth than any other object in the night sky, views of its illuminated surface are amazingly detailed when observed through binoculars or a telescope. Intriguing craters, craggy mountains, and vast "seas" of ancient lava flows make for wonderful targets for backyard astronomers. With the affordable Orion MoonMap 260, you can easily identify, locate and learn about the many interesting features of Earth's only natural satellite.

The MoonMap identifies over 260 of the most popular lunar surface features including craters, mountain ranges, valleys, rilles, "seas" and more. Each feature is cross-referenced in the MoonMap's tables with its official name, size and a brief description. In addition to lunar landscape features, all successful spacecraft landing sites from US Apollo, Surveyor and Ranger Probe missions as well as Soviet Luna Probe missions are also clearly identified on the map.

We've designed the Orion MoonMap 260 with versatility in mind. Both a correct-image and reversed, or "mirror image" view of the Moon are included on the map, so it can be used when observing the Moon with unaided eyes, binoculars or any refractor, reflector, or Cassegrain telescope. The map is conveniently laminated for use in almost any weather.

Using the MoonMap 260 is easy. Simply find the reference number of the lunar feature you wish to identify on the map, and then look up its name using the map's numerical index. Conversely, if you wish to locate a specific named feature with your telescope or binoculars, use the map's numerical index to find the lunar feature's reference number, then locate the number and feature on the map. For ease of use, the reference numbers are roughly ordered from north to south (top to bottom).

The Orion MoonMap 260 measures 64 x 28 cm when fully unfolded, and folds up to 31,6 x 28 cm. The tri-fold MoonMap 260 is plastic laminated for long-lasting durability as well as protection against dew, dirt, and the occasional coffee spill.

Whether you're an experienced amateur astronomer or a novice just beginning to explore the night sky, the MoonMap 260 will help you make each moonlit night more memorable. It's a must-have for any of our fellow "Luna"tics!


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